Electrical Safety in the Home

During the course of my work, visiting peoples homes, carrying out maintenance tasks, and visiting businesses to test their electrical appliances, one of the biggest culprits for misuse is the humble extension lead.

Now these things are sold in their thousands and range from the simple white 4 socket extension for a couple of quid to the elaborate tower systems with surge protection and usb sockets.

Extension Leads are safe with normal use but heres the thing. What is NORMAL use

A Quick Guide

Each wall socket has a maximum load rating of 13 Amps.

So if you plug in a kettle into that wall socket you are already at the maximum safe rating for that socket.

If you decide to use an extension lead and plug in extra items like a toaster, you have just overloaded the socket.

This means the possibility of fire

On the flip side, if you plug in the TV, Satellite box, a lamp and a DVD Player, you will be safe as the total amount of Amps is significantly less than 13 Amps.

Another potentially fatal mistake I found at one business I inspected was 3 extensions plugged togeher in sequaence to feed 3 computer workstations from one socket.

The simple answer is this. If you require more wall sockets for your invreasing number of appliances, contact a QUALIFIED electrician and as about having more sockets fitted. The electrician can then do the calculations for that circuit and advise you accordingly.

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